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About Us

PGS 360 began its humble operation in Southern California on June of 1989. Since then we have efficiently grown into a premier provider of GMP Fulfillment and Domestic/Global Transportation. PGS 360 members deliver around the clock customer service, and are focused on providing customers with solutions to their problems.

The values of quality, innovation and integrity have remained with us since the beginning. These are the foundation of our business philosophy and we rely on them as guiding principles for every customer interaction.

PGS 360 prides itself in being one of the most reliable and customer-focused third party logistics companies who provide first-rate services to our highly valued clients.

Our Mission

PGS 360 provides customized supply chain solutions to the Health & Beauty industries that deliver end-to-end value for our customers.

  Our Core Values  

Quality: We believe that exceeding quality of service expectations requires a culture that involves all stakeholders. From our customers and vendors to our line-level team members and senior management, quality is engrained in our DNA, and that is what drives every business decision we make.

Innovation: The ever-changing supply chain environment is dynamic, and thus requires ongoing innovation. We believe that our culture is one that encourages creativity and idea generation. Our ongoing investment in the development of new technologies and intelligent systems benefits all stakeholders through higher satisfaction.

Safety & Security: We protect the safety, security and well being of our team members, the public and our customers. These principles are ingrained deep into our culture and are reflected in every action we take.

Integrity: To be held accountable and take responsibility for our actions, be transparent and do what we say we're going to do. The value of the trust others have in us is far beyond anything that can be measured, and thus we act by doing things right, no matter what. Honesty and integrity are the moral and ethical principles that guide us.

Passion: The substantial relationships we have with our team members, customers and vendors have been developed by exceeding expectations through passionate service. It's what drives us, makes us creative and keeps us going no matter how challenging the times or situation may be.

Open & Honest Communication: We support an open, honest and communicative culture from our team members, customers and vendors. We recognize that diversity is a source of strength and thus listen to differing viewpoints.


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